Physics & Predictability Update

As a physics driven game, I started to notice some off-putting physics. So, I made some change to make the physics behave more predictable:

  • Tees of the same type no longer have collisions between each other. Therefore, it is not possible to randomly nudge tees with the same type of tee.
  • The merge order (which decides which tee goes to which during merging) has been made more predictable, since mastering the merging is half of the fun. Plus, it might be essential to reach the "hidden ending". Nouis isn't the one, folks.

Files 18 MB
Feb 05, 2021
nouis-android-v4.3.apk 23 MB
Feb 05, 2021 17 MB
Feb 05, 2021 16 MB
Feb 05, 2021

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